Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a booking with Mauricars?

The booking process will take only five minutes. Indicate on the screen your pick up and return location; and your booking period. Then click on "search” button. A list of available cars and their prices will be displayed. Make your choice and click on "Book Now” button. This will take you to the next page where you will have to fill in your name, address, email, phone number and rental options. The next step will let you confirm all your data before finalising the booking process. You need to tick the terms and conditions, then click on the PayPal checkout button. You will receive a confirmation receipt via email.

How to do payment?

At Mauricars, we accept only PayPal for online payments. At time of delivery, payment can be done cash or via swipe cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)

How are prices calculated?

The prices quoted remain same throughout the year. The exact pricing depends on the car type and depending on the duration period. Rental discounts are applied for more than 10 days rental.

Which currencies are accepted?

Payment can be done in Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar or Mauritian rupee either in cash or by swipe card. For online payment, we accept only PayPal.

Minimum rental period?

Our minimum booking duration is three (3) days.

Will i receive the exact vehicle that I chose?

We try to deliver the exact vehicle model that you have booked; however there are rare cases when this is not possible because of accidents, repairs and previous clients extending their rentals. The good news is that you will always receive a vehicle of equivalent or higher value than the one you had chosen at no extra cost, cars that have the same daily rate on our website are defined to have equivalent value.

Can I add extra features?

You can add extra features like child seats or GPS navigation device or air compressor (for tyres) during the booking process. Upon demand we can also supply you with a driver.

  • A baby seat is available for Rs 250 per day
  • GPS navigation devices are provided free of charge
  • Air compressor is made available for one off payment of Rs 200. This can be used to inflate tyres in case of punctures.

Is there any cancellation terms?

If you need to cancel the booking, you can do it free of charge 48 hours before the rental period without any restrictions. If you cancel your booking after that period, we will charge 10% of the total rental fee. If you return the car before the end of the booking period, 50% of remaining amount will be held.

Breakdowns and Accidents

In case of an accident, please inform the hotline mentioned as soon as possible. A replacement car will be provided to you if necessary and we will help you with filing a police report, which is mandatory for insurance purpose. If the accident is the result of 100% fault of the other party, you will not have to pay for the insurance excess. If the accident was caused by your fault, the insurance excess will be retained.


What happens in case of breakdown?

Even though we only provide well maintained cars, we cannot eliminate the possibility of a breakdown. We understand your frustration if this happens during your holidays. Therefore, we will try to get you a replacement car or assistance as soon as possible.



Cars are covered by a fully paid comprehensive policy. However in case of accident, damage or loss of equipment, the hirer is responsible for the deductible excess.


Is there a deductible in case of damage/accident or loss?

By default you have to pay a deductible excess of Rs 20,000. The deductible is the maximum amount you will have to pay in the event of an insured damage or loss. You have the option to waive the deductible (SCDW) by paying MUR 6,000(Non-refundable). You will be able to see the exact fees and to choose one of the options after you have selected one particular car during the booking process.


The insurance does in no way cover the following:

Damage to tyres. Replacement keys. Broken windows and side mirrors. Damage to the underside, clutch and gearbox, the inside of the car and the windshield due to driver’s carelessness. Damage to engine due to lack of oil or filing the car with the wrong fuel or careless driving. Damage caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Damage caused by unauthorised driver. Stolen equipment inside the car (GPS, Radio, etc.). Bank charges related to refund. Any damage not reported to us. Negligent driving or without due care and attention, including driving off-road and on untarmacked roads.


In case of a cyclone.

All cars have full comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW). In case of cyclone warning level three or higher, the vehicle may only be used to a maximum of two hours after the warning was released.

Special traffic rules apply?

In Mauritius cars drive on the left side of the road. If not signposted differently the speed limit for motorways varies as follows: 110, 80, 60 km/h. In cities and towns and villages it is 60 km/h or as otherwise indicated.

Do I need an international drivers licence?

Tourists are allowed to use their existing drivers licence in Mauritius for up to 4 weeks. Read more about when an International driving permit is required in Mauritius. Also note that:

A valid Original Driving License (Mauritius or International) accompanied by a valid ID or Passport have to be presented at the time of booking of the car.

Where can I pick up my vehicle?

For rental cars, there are two different possibilities: you can either pick it at the airport or it can be delivered to a place of your choice. Just tell us the time and the pick-up/drop-off locations and a driver will wait for you there.  Delivery is free.

Also note that:

  • A valid Original Driving License (Mauritius or International) accompanied by a valid ID or Passport have to be presented at the time of booking of the hire car.

Can I choose different places for pick-up and the return of the vehicle?

Yes you can, you have to mention this on your booking request.


  • Free GPS device
  • Unlimitted Mileage
  • Clean cars provided
  • Baby car seats available